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So fly – LA clothing line moves warehouse to Ohio clothing and hits fashion heights. Introducing FlyPolar clothing.

How often do you get a chance to set a trend, rather than following behind the masses? Creating a look that’s as cool as it is comfortable; FlyPolar clothing brings together unique design and the hottest colors to deliver a style will constantly turn heads.

FlyPolar isn’t just about the way you look or wearing hip clothing – it’s a way of life; an attitude; a sense of who you are. The way you dress changes the way you feel, and with FlyPolar you feel fiiiiiiine!

The trademark two-tone color sweat sets lead the charge in the FlyPolar hip clothing range, making the perfect leisurewear; keeping you awesomely comfy without hitting your street standards, but this brand is more than a one-trick pony, with funky tees, creative raglan and the hottest jerseys around. If you want to stay one step ahead of the fashionistas, then Fly clothing has you covered. 

Like most brands, FlyPolar started small, but this year it’s found its wings and is soaring to success. Having started with a single Ohio outlet, FlyPolar first spread across the state and is now available in stores throughout the United States; Detroit, Chicago, Cali, NY, Dallas and Florida, with more still to come. 

It’s the blend of quality materials and unrepentant design that has seen FlyPolar explode on to America’s fashion scene. The brands knows how to deliver what the shopper wants – style, comfort, originality and clothing that looks amazing with minimum effort. And the collection is growing every day, with new designs created to answer customer demands.

Following fashion can be tiring and tedious, not to mention expensive – you’re far better off leading the way, setting your own trends and if you do it well, it won’t be long before other people are following you.